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The Wine Corner in Paia opened in 1990 and relocated in 2006 to the site of the old Paia General Store. The owners, Gregory Brown and Susun White, designed the store. The cellar has travertine floors and the rest of the store boasts beautiful fire eucalyptus wood floors. A glass block wall separates the retail store from Da Vine Art, the wine tasting room.

The video tour takes you through the store and browses the cooler shelves to give you an idea of the general layout and range of products. The Paia Wine Corner houses the largest selection of micro brews in Hawaii including organic beers and beers brewed on Maui. The Paia Wine Corner is known for its fine wine selection and organic wines. The store has return customers from all over the world.


The wine cellar is chilled to a constant temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Beautiful shawls are provided for guests so they can peruse the racks in comfort.

This controlled environment is the optimal temperature and humidity to preserve the quality and flavor of the wine. This is the best-cared-for wine on the island.

If you have a particular favorite that is not in stock, let us know and we can order it for you.

Da Vine Art Tour

Da Vine Art is a wine tasting & coffee bar with the primary purpose being libation education (wine, spirits, beer, coffee, olive oil, Hawaiian grown foods, etc). Da Vine Art features special events where customers can meet the wine makers, taste spirits, have coffee with locally grown foods. We are all about offering tastes of everything - wine, spirits, micro-beers, coffee, and locally-produced food products.

Da Vine Art is graced with a koa wood wine bar hand-crafted by Gregory and Susun that is a work of art in itself. The venue was extensively redesigned in 2016 so an updated video will be posted soon...

The Paia Store Tour

Wine Cellar Tour